So another great thing to think about and plan when pregnant is your maternity wardrobe!  Yep,  a whole new wardrobe is basically needed!  When I was pregnant, I began with buying key pieces for my wardrobe, such as jeans, casual tops, work tops, underwear.  I then chose a couple of dressier tops to wear for occasions.  When I was pregnant, I found myself buying ‘non maternity’ tops just in a bigger size, but when it came to trousers I had to wear maternity jeans from quite early on.  And actually continued to wear my maternity jeans for quite a few months after I gave birth!  And why not, they were super comfy and were the only trousers that would fit!

I lived in maternity jeans from H&M.  They have a great selection of maternity trousers.  They have a gorgeous range of casual maternity clothes too.  I also found some great pieces for work.  Here are some of my favourite maternity jeans they have in store at the moment.

MAMA Superstretch trousers


MAMA Skinny Jeans


I found their jeans super comfy and they washed really well.  Its worth checking out their whole maternity range.  Some great pieces for reasonable prices.

I just love dungarees.  They look fabulous.  And I especially love these maternity dungarees from JoJo Maman Bebe

Black Maternity Dungarees


Asos seems to have really expended their maternity line over the last few years.   From casual wear to occasion tops, underwear and nightwear, they really have a great selection.

Isabella Oliver have a lovely maternity range.  I really do like their dresses.  If you prefer to pick up a bargain then head over to Ebay to find your Isabella Oliver purchase!

Marks and Spencer have stepped up their maternity range and offer some really gorgeous pieces.  I especially like their underwear and nightwear.
At last in the year 2018 it seems like there is no longer the need to drastically change where you shop when you are pregnant.  The majority of high street shops now have a decent range of maternity wear.  And thank goodness.  We can stay stylish when pregnant, while our bodies change and work so hard growing our baby.    And, there’s nothing more gorgeous than a glowing pregnant yummy mummy that feels good on the inside and the outside.
Enjoy planning your maternity wardrobe! x