Along with the many other decisions that have to be made along the pregnancy journey, deciding whether to find out the gender of your baby is a big one!  Luckily my husband and I were on the same page in both pregnancies.  We decided not to find out the sex of our first baby.  The excitement and wonder of it all was such a special journey. 
Not knowing the sex of our baby meant that I enjoyed reading about all the old midwives’ tales on how to predict the sex of your baby.  These are the five tales that all proved very accurate for both my pregnancies.

Morning sickness – It is said that sickness is worse when carrying a girl.

I suffered when pregnant with Oliver, but I suffered on another level when pregnant with Emmie.  Horrendous.

Pregnancy Glow – It is said that if you are literally glowing, expect a boy.

This was true for me as I did not glow AT ALL when carrying Emmie.  She took all my “glowy-ness”!!!

They eye test – Look in the mirror for a minute, if your pupils dilate, expect a boy.

Again this is strange, but accurate for me!

Carrying high – It is said that if your bump is positioned high, its a girl, if positioned low, its a boy.

When carrying Oliver, my bump was like a football and very low!  When pregnant with Emmie she was high and my bump was ‘all over’.  Completely different to Oliver!

Heart Rate – It is said that if your baby’s heart beat is faster than 140 beats per minute, its a girl!

This was so true for Emmie!

When I finally delivered my first born, after a horrendously long and complicated delivery, so exhausted and overwhelmed, I held my baby in my arms for a few seconds, before they took him off of me to tend to him.  It wasn’t until my husband asked me if I wanted to know the sex of our baby that I remembered I still didn’t no!  A boy!  A boy?  Really, a boy?  I was so sure my little Ollie Bear was a girl!  And so with the shock of just given birth and the shock of having a baby boy, it took a while to sink in.  But as the hours passed and I held my boy, it felt pretty perfect.

When we were expecting our second child, we decided to find out the gender.  At 21 weeks pregnant, we asked the sonographer to write down the sex of our baby on a piece of paper and she put it in a sealed envelope.  After the scan my husband and I went for coffee and he opened the envelope and with complete shock and amazement announced that it was a girl!!!!  I just couldn’t believe it!  We were so so happy to be blessed with a girl!!!! I will never ever forget that moment.  And so for the next 4 months I had the best time planning my girls wardrobe, her nursery, and thinking about how different our lives were going to be with a girl in the house!  We did however agree to not announce to the world that we were expecting a girl.  So we still had the enjoyment of announcing not just her arrival but the fact she was a girl when the time came.


I really loved both experiences –  not finding out and finding out.  Both experiences were filled with such excitement and joy.  Such special memories of finding out the gender of both our children – both in very different ways – but both as special as each other.